Welcome to my new website for information on the Stanley families of Ireland.

The information is held in either pages or posts, at this moment all the family history information is held in posts.

There are 3 ways of accessing the information held on this site, by using the search engine, by using categories, and by using tags.

Using categories the information is divided  into provinces and then counties, which can be accessed by the menu bar immediately above this text.  Each post can have any number of categories associated with it and where it is known that families have moved from one county to another this will be indicated.

Tags provide a different way of accessing the posts, at the moment 3 types of tag are being used, one to indicate a surname other than Stanley e.g. Hardy, one to indicate a location other than a county or province e.g. Athlone, and one to indicate a particular Stanley family e.g. the Stanleys of Derryhale. Tags can be accessed using the moving tag cloud immediately to the right under the search engine.

The site is experimental and under development, it will change in appearance and content as I become more familiar with the software and as people join the website.

2 Responses to “Home”

  1. Marilyn Stanley

    Looks very impressive. I am anxious to start browsing. Thank you for putting this all together for the Stanleys of Ireland. I am sure it will become a great success.

  2. Simon Stanley

    Congratulations! What a great site! As a descendant of the Stanleys of Low Park and Bethlehem, and an active researcher, I look forward to being able to contribute to the sharing of information. Cheers, Simon